Why E-Cigarette Regulation Is Important After All

e-cig-topThe electronic cigarette proved to be one of the feasible alternatives to cigarettes across the globe. The upsurge demand for this product prompted the manufacturers to produce e-cig to accommodate the demand. However, because there is no clear regulation on the e-cig, both the manufacturers and the consumers are in limbo.

To have a solid regulation on the sale and manufacturing of E-cig is vital in the success of the realization the entire e-cig business. Sound regulation both support the growing business in the retailer’s and manufacturer’s perspective.

Business Sustainability

The government or the regulating body has the final say when it comes to the formulating the regulation on the sale and manufacturing of the e-cig. Right now, there are apparent inconsistencies on sale of the electronic cigarettes. Some states, according to the e-cig information site, only 42 states banned the sale of e-cigs to minors, which means there are eight states that allow minor to purchase e-cig. The imbalanced regulation proved to be a challenge for the retailers and manufacturers around the 42 state. When the regulation is ironed-out, and the directives are clear, business sustainability is achieved. Small players in the market can prepare ahead the requirements; seek additional funds and manpower to cope with the needed demand in the mass production of the e-cigarettes.

Consistent Penalty

In the implementing rules and regulation, the penalties are well detailed for those who violate the standards in the sale and the manufacturing of the e-cig. However, when the said regulation is still amiss, consumers and the makes of the e-cigs do not have solid guidelines to follow. Although some states have already formed their regulation, the remaining states are still on the free-way. What regulation to follow provides a consistent framework, in terms of what not to do or what to do in terms of distribution of the e-cig to the minors or to the rest of the buyers. Also, with a standard regulation, the litigation part can have a unified sanction to follow for those who violate the regulation, manufacturer, retailers or even the consumers.

Less Confusion

Varying e-cig regulation confuses the buyer from elsewhere. A standard regulation provides a more defined protocol on what to ban and what not to ban. In other words, the whole e-cig business follows the approved mandate to make life easier for those who are using the e-cig. As it is today, this alternative is being utilized by those people who are on therapy. The e-cig provides a better transition for those who want to quit smoking for good.

Although the debate is still on whether the e cigarette is totally harmless or not, many consumers have already purchased and use the product to replace the authentic cigarettes as a smokingcessation aid. Meanwhile, purists still say that this product still contains nicotine, which is still addictive, and lobbied the total ban of the e-cig. However, others have suggested this product is safeenough to replace the chemical-littered cigarettes. Whichever is more beneficial to the consumers; one thing remains, and the e-cigarette business needs strong regulation to maintain consistency in both the sale and in the manufacturing aspect for the benefit of everybody.

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