Electronic Cigarette- I’m a Real Electronic Cigarette Smoker

Love E-Cigarettes

I’ve put together this website because I truly believe in the value of the electronic cigarette and I want to review my favorites for you as well as showing you all sorts of different brands that are available.

I just recently started smoking e-cigs after smoking Marlboro Reds for over 40 years.  Before I tried one, I wasn’t convinced at all that an electronic cigarette could satisfy my urges for a smoke.Boy was I wrong!  When I took my first vape on my new electronic cigarette I started coughing and I’ve smoked some pretty strong tobacco cigarettes.  This e-cig is definitely strong enough for me.

I smoke a product called “FlavorMax Absolute Tobacco Strong” offered by a company called Green Smoke.  In my opinion, Green Smoke makes the best, value for money electronic cigarette available.My Absolute Tobacco Strong cartridges have 2.4% nicotine which is great for a “hard core” smoker like me.  I get my nicotine fix as well as I do with Marlboro Reds without all of the carcinogens and other crap that’s in a tobacco cigarette.

I had been wanting to reduce my cigarette consumption for quite some time.  I was wheezing, I knew I smelled like cigarettes (nasty to non-smokers) and I just knew what a bad habit cigarette smoking was with regards to my health. I did some research about electronic cigarettes and talked to a couple of friends who smoke e-cigs.  The more research I did, the more I was convinced that an electronic cigarette might just be worth a try.

Love E-Cigarettes

Why I Switched to an Electronic Cigarette

I was buying cigarettes from a company on an Indian reservation and saving considerably.  Then they changed their policy to make the minimum order 10 cartons.  Ten cartons?  Besides the money involved (over $200.00!), I would have felt like a real addict buying 10 cartons at a time.

I needed a new smoking resource and with all things considered I decided to order a Starter Kit from Green Smoke.  The kit comes complete with the electronic cigarette itself, two batteries, the part that looks like the cigarette body, two chargers and 10 cartridges of the Absolute Tobacco Strong FlavorMax cartridges.

FlavorMax cartomizers are significantly longer lasting and will give you 25% more vapor than before.  Cartomizers are the liquid containers (cartridges) that look like filters – they screw onto the battery body to make up the complete cigarette.Each cartridge is equivalent to a pack or pack and a half of real cigarettes, depending on how often you’re puffing.  Plus the electronic cigarette doesn’t burn away in the ash tray when I’m ignoring it like real cigarettes do. More related news at http://thewestsidestory.net/2014/05/14/10807/e-cigarettes-helping-smokers-quit-smoking-needs-regulated/.

There are many different brands of electronic cigarettes available today and I’m going to review as many as I can to help you make the choice that’s right for you!  For what it’s worth, I believe Green Smoke makes the best electronic cigarettes.

Green Smoke is my favorite and the #1 brand that I recommend.  They have a large selection of different types and strengths of electronic cigarettes.  I’m betting that if you’re a smoker looking to try e-cigs, you’ll be able to find a type that suits you at Green Smoke. Check this post for more details.

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