Benefits And News About Electronic Cigarettes


Ever since smokers have started realizing the ill effects of cigarette smoking, healthier options and alternatives have been developed. Though smokers want to quit smoking, the addictive qualities of nicotine do not make it easy to quit. So what is the best solution for those who want to quit smoking and lead a healthy life altogether?

Many companies have come forward with healthier solutions to help smokers quit their habit by creating new devices and instruments. These smoking cessation products are not only working as a substitute to cigarettes but are also helping addicts to get rid of their habit. We have been hearing about lozenges, nicotine patches and more, which are working as nicotine replacement products for many smokers, but very little results have been observed when it comes to quitting smoking.

In the first place, why does one smoke? Well, there are various reasons every smoker would state; a teenager starts smoking just to feel like a grownup, a matured man smokes to reduce the stress and tension of his daily routine. However, rarely does one realize that the nicotine in his cigarette is silently turning him into its slave. It is definitely true that the more you smoke the more you have an urge for it and the less you smoke the less you have a craving for it.

Emergence of Electronic Cigarette

Once a smoker gets into the habit of putting the cigarette in his mouth and inhaling nicotine, it becomes as pleasurable as having a well-cooked meal or having a nicely prepared cup of tea. The smoker starts getting used to the habit and steadily becomes a slave of it. The habit of getting nicotine from cigarette smoking is very difficult to break.

To help cigarette smokers quit the habit gradually, a new product has been launched in the market. It is called the Electronic cigarette or E-cigarette. With a similar look to real cigarettes, this is a battery-operated device that offers the same feeling to smokers as inhaling a nicotine-filled cigarette.

Electronic Cigarettes – How do they work?

Electronic cigarettes use cartridges of nicotine, which converts to vapor when the device is switched on. They contain a chamber that converts the liquid nicotine into smoke or vapor. The difference between real cigarettes and electronic cigarettes is that the former emits toxins along with the nicotine vapor while the later releases harmless nicotine vapor. The nicotine cartridges used in these cigarettes are available in various strengths; heavy, medium and mild. Really heavy smokers can start off with strong nicotine and then they can slow down by switching to medium, then mild and then ultimately giving up smoking. An electronic cigarette is as long and big as an original cigarette; when you light it up, the LED at its tip glows and looks exactly like original cigarettes.

What is Nicotine and why is it Harmful?

Nicotine is the smoke emitted from tobacco when it burns. It is a harmful chemical, which can cause liver damage and heart disease if used continuously over a long period of time. Nicotine is present in small amounts in vegetables, which we consume, so it is natural for all of us to test positive for nicotine. This chemical has to be avoided by those with heart problems, respiratory diseases and during pregnancy. It is not at all advised to fall prey to it in the first place, but if you are already addicted, electronic cigarettes are one of the healthy ways to get rid of this addiction gradually.

Benefits of Electronic Cigarettes              

There are many other benefits of electronic cigarettes. Smokers can save money when purchasing electronic cigarettes instead of real ones. They can be smoked in public places without the fear of non-smokers, especially passive smokers, raising objections. They are tiny and can be carried in the pocket. Normal cigarette smokers have to rush out of their offices to the smoking zone every time they wish to smoke, while you can smoke an electronic cigarette even inside of offices and cubicles.

From the perspective of cost, an electronic cigarette is much cheaper than original ones. A set of 5 nicotine cartridges costs just £8 which is the cost of 500 cigarettes. The only investment you do is on the purchase of the electronic cigarette kit for which you spend £50 or so.


How to Buy Electronic Cigarettes?

E-Cigarettes or electronic cigarettes can be bought online from various online stores or from the retailers near you. You can use debit and credit cards for online purchases. You have a choice of selecting the intensity of the nicotine cartridge as per your smoking habit. All you have to do is log into any of the online stores and provide your name, shipping address, number of units, etc. and pay. The device will be shipped within 2-3 days depending upon the customer’s location.

For every genuine product, the market is flooded with a number of imitations. So, you just have to make sure that you are placing your order on the right site with the right vendor. Although a few sites might provide you with electronic cigarettes that are half the price of the original ones, check whether they are genuine before buying them. The original ones are usually subjected to rigorous tests and research before being introducing into the markets. Those interested can also read the electronic cigarette review of the brand they are interested in to get a better idea of how they work; such a review will be written by actual users on forums and other sites. Read more information from our latest blog post.

Electronic cigarette reviews have both pros and cons. Based on your nature and smoking preferences, you can make your choice. Whatever be the conclusion derived by the users who write electronic cigarette reviews, it is up to each individual to decide whether to quit smoking or not. Quitting smoking is not just going to be beneficial for the addicted person but also for his or her family. Very soon, one will see electronic cigarettes replacing the fancy cigars and cigarettes available in nightclubs and bars.

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